Selecting The Right Chandelier For Your Space

Written By Marcia Margolius December 28, 2015

Lighting trends for 2015 predict chandeliers in all shapes and sizes, made of all sorts of materials.
We always say that a chandelier is like jewellery for the interior. Its role is not only to cast light but also to decorate. Even when switched off, a well-chosen chandelier is a focal point of the room, attracts attention and makes a statement of your style. It is also a work of art and in most cases an investment.We will always stock your traditional crystal chandelier, but also like to incorporate natural materials into our designs, with beautiful textures and interesting shapes.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is, “How do I select the right chandelier for my space?” There is no wrong or right answer, but there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to ensure your chandelier investment is the right one for your space.

What is my interior style?
You need to think about the entire decor of the room. Are you going for a modern or minimalist look or do you want to showcase a more traditional style? Keep your style in mind and the choice will be a lot simpler.Decide where you want to hang your chandelier.The location will affect the style of chandelier you choose. Whilst dining rooms and entrance halls are the traditional locations for elaborate light fittings, there are many other places you can hang a chandelier. Hang one with a dimmer switch over your bed in a master bedroom and turn it down to candlelight level for a romantic feel. Install a mini chandelier in your guest bathroom or on either side of a double vanity in the main bathroom for a touch of luxury.

How large is the room you want to hang the chandelier in?
It’s not just the size of the floor area but also the height of the ceilings that many people forget to consider. A large crystal chandelier looks great above a dining room table and can hang quite low if centered over the table. A large chandelier in a double volume entrance hall looks striking and elegant and can be admired from the ground floor, up the stairs and around the upstairs landings. If you have the room dimensions and ceiling height a good interior designer or consultant should be able to advise the correct sized chandelier.

How much light does the chandelier need to emit?
If this will be your main source of light in your room consider a chandelier that emits enough light. Even though some chandeliers look beautiful, the material they are made of or the layout of the bulbs does not allow a lot of light to be emitted. An idea is to install downlighters in the room so that you have extra light sources.

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