My Dream Holiday

It’s definitely the holidays and everyone is reviving to go away to some exotic place, full of white fluffy sand with the bluest beach and the palm trees almost falling to the ground in their greenness. Drinking umbrella garnished cocktails all day long , But, pause that thought. Would I be so wrong if I said I wanted something different to this? I am sure you thinking crazy person, move away because who wouldn’t want this, but hear me out here all I want is fuss free days of lying on my beautifully made bed and just sleeping and dreaming. That, is my dream holiday.

My year thus far has been very hectic, send the kids to school, go to work, meet deadline, pick up the dry clean collect the kids from school, cook supper and ensure that in essence I have a happy household. So now the kids are off to visit their grans (I feel very sorry for her, but I do need this break), the husband was not able to get the time-off (thank heavens for small mercies, I love him to bits but he is my first born big baby) so this is my time and I can think of no better way to spend it then rolling around in bed, reading a good book and maybe just maybe getting up for that odd glass of ice filled drink of choice (I am keeping a few secrets)

I have a perfect plan here, time is of no consequence. I don’t have to be anywhere else but right here so I DO NOT foresee myself trying to get the perfect spot under that perfect tree and ensuring that the bathing suite is looking just right and sunscreen is properly applied. So here goes my list for that perfect HOLIDAY Destination My bed…


My Summer Sheets

Since it is a bit too humid in our beautiful country I have to take this into consideration so I work with cotton sheets.

Cotton is so versatile in that it both traps the heat and lets cool air pass through in summer, it is the perfect choice for almost any climate. It can be blended with Remo, Onsen Bamboo or Dobby which will affect its weight and feel (don’t worry too much about this because the label will give you the exact specifics of your sheet) I found that I could even decide on the thread-count I wanted as this would influence how soft the sheet feels against my skin. So naturally, after I found this out I went looking for that perfect feel. I was told that if I were to get my cool and crisp feel against the skin, cotton percale is the best. This fabric is a plain weave which breathes. Forbes in their “how to choose the perfect bedding” article state that the thread count of a true percale is between 225 and 400 single threads per 10 square centimetres. I also took an interest in the Cotton and Bamboo blend as it is great with people like me who cannot afford to have a single speck of dust up my nose. I found that Bamboo prevents the buildup of dust in the mattress and along with the cotton (which circulates the air) my bed will be both bug free and cool. Perfect.

Flat Sheet/Fitted Sheet

Bear with me as I get my facts straight about these two things that before today, were to me one and the same thing. A fitted sheet is placed to cover the mattress. It separates me from the mattress. It’s also been advised that since I have a large bed I should get a fitted sheet which is elasticated around the edges so that it fits snuggly around my mattress. A flat sheet is simply the sheet that is laid between the fitted sheet and the covers. The purpose of a flat sheet is to give a welcoming feeling and to keep the covers clean. But also should there be a need for a bit of extra warmth this addition to the bed can give just the right amount of heat, not too much but also not freezing in that comfy bed.  Since one of the purposes of the flat sheet is to invite me to my already ‘sleep deprived’ bed, I would then, as a checklist, need to make sure that its white and the fabric is cotton.

The bed wrap

I love the bed wrap. It’s a neat trick to make what was once the tedious frill (no offence to those who still have them) into a stylish belt for my base. Its purpose being to cover the base of the bed and to separate those dirty shoes from my precious bed (for those days that have been never ending in the office). It also helps with accentuating the colour scheme of the bedroom (think of it as that belt for that lovely dress of yours that makes it pop).

As much as the bed wrap is on the base getting the fabric right is still quite important. I decided to stick to my new acquired knowledge and go for cotton bamboo to keep away those dreaded sneezes.


Today as I was doing my ‘extensive research’ on a worthwhile summer bed, I discovered something. Did you know that the actual purpose of a coverlet as opposed to a duvet is that it is meant more for decorative purposes than it actually being a source of warmth? How is this you ask? Well the simple answer to this is the dimension of the coverlet. Its small and designed to cover just the top part of your bed. If, however your question to me is how it is I only discovered the purpose of a coverlet today? My answer is, I need more sleep. So with this new piece of information I didn’t need to worry about the fabric of my coverlet, what I needed to be concerned about is the colour of my coverlet. I realised that the whole colour scheme of my bedroom could perhaps just lie in a perfect coverlet.

Since the eyes are what influence the mind, I have chosen to go with a colour that would always draw me to my bed, hypnotized each time to dive back in bed and never come out, but this is not to say that you should limit yourself; should you feel you want to use it as more than just decorative purposes, I would advise that you buy it in cotton.


My Summer Colours

I decided rummage through the net and find the fact or fiction to the psychological effects of colour. So fact is, the heavier you feel the warmer you perceive yourself, so in turn the “heavier” the colour chances are you will feel warm. I looked into the colours that would make me feel light but also fresh, cool and clean in bed during the summer. The most referenced colours to my absolute feeling of lightness in bed were white and blue. Blue is a colour associated with tranquility and relaxation. In fact, in an article from Art Therapy Blog I read that the colour blue can even decrease perspiration and decrease blood pressure; exactly what I need. The colour white gives a sense of purity, innocence, cleanliness and sense of space. I was more intrigued with the cleanliness. I know all too well that feeling of getting into a crisp, white sheet. That feeling can keep me in bed all day every day. So based on that I would want a combination of the white and blue on my bed. I chose aqua and duck because they were a good combination of white and blue (Apart from the obvious light blue).


I have problems with my sinuses so for me getting the correct pillow will make or break my dream bed. From all the articles I had read, I opted for The BackDesigns Inc in their “What kind of sleep pillow is best” article. They had a list of pillows, however  considering that it’s the summer holiday I decided to go with their Wool Pillows (no, not that type of wool). This wool has been carded or combed and not spun into yarn. The organic aspect of it is that wool does not need to be sprayed with any chemicals for things such as dust mites or delay flames. It is breathable which means that its cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s a great insulator which translates to the fact that the wool would respond to my body keeping me at a constant, comfortable temperature as I sleep, wicking away moisture, so even as I nap during that hot summers day, I can be assured that I won’t wake up damp from perspiration.


Duvet duvet duvet

I don’t really want a duvet in summer but my mother has drilled its necessity rather deeply in my sub-conscious self. So I’ll be getting my summer duvet (shoot me).  I read that the “summer tog duvet” is generally a 4.5 tog duvet, so whatever the duvet filling may be, whether it be feather, down, synthetic, silk or a 100% pure cotton I should look out for the tog. A friendly Tip: TOG refers to thermal resistance; the higher the tog value the better suited the duvet for colder nights. Low tog values are best for summer days and nights). This is according to The Woolworth department in their “How to choose the perfect linen” newsletter.

My Decision…
If I am to be honest, being at home all by myself seemed daunting at first but now that I have become a “connoisseur” of bedding I have come to appreciate my bed and the assembling thereof a lot more. The perfect bedding will keep me in a good mood, it will stabilize my sinuses, it will decrease my blood pressure and perspiration all the while looking stylish and fabulous ensuring a better revived me when I do have to go back to my rat race style of a life.

Yep, I’m staying in bed and I don’t feel the slightest bit of shame about this decision.

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