By:StoneGable Aug 22, 2014

White dishes are the little black dress of the dinnerware world! They go with anything, food looks best on them and they love to play together! White dishes are the most nimble and friendly dishes you could own! Yes, white dishes should be mandatory for every kitchen cupboard and table! I recently received an email from a reader asking if she could mix different patterns and colors of white dishes… and could I give her some suggestions. Okay, Katie this post is for you! You hit on something I love to talk about!!!!! So let’s dish about white dishes!

I’ve been collecting white dishes for over 20 years! Old, new, vintage, modern… as long as they are white I’m drawn to them! I’m not a dish snob!

If you think white dishes are all the same color… not so!  Some white dishes are creamy white and some whites may have grey undertone. Some whiteware can even have blue, pink, yellow or green undertones too! What you may see as “white” may really have more color in it than you think!

These vintage white cabbage cups and saucers are the truest white dishware I own.

There are an immense variety of white dishes! They are classics! I have had a set of white dishes for a couple of decades and they are still looking good! I call my Mikasa Italian Countryside dishes the workhorse of my kitchen!

They are a creamy,ceamy white with a pretty raised edge. They have a chip here and there, but those signs of ware do not bother me!  They actually seem a little more special. They have seen so much bounty and hundreds happy dinners and have survived to be used another day!

Saying I love to stack dishes is such an understatement! Dishes were made for stacking…especially if they are white and have great, interesting edges and rims!  Stacking white dishes with interesting edges and rims and using different whites makes for a wonderful table or vignette!

White dishes are soooo flexible! They can take on many different looks!

Romantic and dreamy, like the picture above… to contemporary and informal, below!

It’s also important to remember that we eat with our eyes first. And white dishes make a fabulous canvas for food!Here’s a little trick I use… add some finely chopped fresh green herbs to the plate, they make everything pop!

When I talk white dishes I can’t forget all those great bowls, platters and pitchers!  White dishware and silver look fabulous together!  I have a few white pitchers filled with old silver in my kitchen!!! Sigh!

And look how beautiful a bunch of pyracanth berries look in white pitchers! White pieces play so well with any color dish! Just look at how the white looks next to fall dishes!

Don’t limit white dishes to your table!  White dishes can also work great on your walls! I’ve used a few white fluted dishes to raise the visual height of the Paris Sketch painting and to mimic the arches in my windows. White dishes can literally change architecture and hide design flaws too!

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