Garlic, Feta and Tomato starter

3 x Fresh Garlic heads
3 x Feta rings (specifically with sundried tomato pieces in or with black pepper)
25 x Small cherry tomatoes
30ml Basil pesto
30ml Olive oil
30ml Ina Paarman’s Rosemary & Olive spice
Water for boiling
It is very important not to peel the garlic heads, cut only the top third off of the garlic heads so that the garlic cloves are exposed.
In a small pot, bring the garlic heads to boil on Snappy Chef setting P9 (2000W) then turn the heat down to P2 (400W) and cook for 30min.
Arrange the garlic heads, tomatoes and feta rings on the 30cm Snappy Chef Cast Iron Round Griddle. Sprinkle the olive oil, basil pesto & spices over the ingredients.
Place in a non-pre-heated oven for at least 40minutes on 180°C.
Serve with homemade bread or French baguettes

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