Chesterfield Sofas-Timeless Elegance

Born Furniture Couch

The Chesterfield Sofa is one of the few furniture items that can be traced back to the nobility era. According to the stories, the Chesterfield Sofa was originally custom designed for a Lord Earl of Chesterfields, London (1694-1773). He was a well-respected writer, politician and patron of Voltaire; he was in fact known as quite a trendsetter. The Earl requested the sofa to be designed in such a manner that would permit a gentleman to be comfortable in his seat and maintain his upright posture and wrinkle free garment; hence the deep buttoned upholstery, rolled arms, an equal back and arm height and the nail head tread. Of course the stories have never quite been proven however the namesake and the sofa itself coincide brilliantly and could lend some truth to this story. After the death of the Earl it is said that his friend Mr. Dayrolle, after taking a close look at the sofa and its magnificent yet practical design actually took his friends sofa back home with him. The maturity of the leather gave an extra elegance to the piece.

Pure speculation would be that the sofa was made popular by the acquaintances of Mr. Dayrolle who recognized the piece as a stylish must have for every gentleman and decided to have their own Chesterfield Sofas made for them.

The Chesterfield Sofa exhibits old elegance as a masterpiece and has always been placed in spaces that again follow the old and traditional elegance, that being mahogany wood, with browns and velvets and leather being the main material and colour palate used however in modern day we can again take this masterpiece and incorporate with contemporary elegance.

The modern contemporary era brought about change to this piece by expanding it to different textures and colours which enables it to be incorporated in almost any living-room setting without losing its elegance.

If you are looking for a piece that will give your living room elegance and style, this would be the piece for you.

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