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Garlic, Feta and Tomato starter

By:Snappychef Ingredients: 3 x Fresh Garlic heads 3 x Feta rings (specifically with sundried tomato pieces in or with black pepper) 25 x Small cherry tomatoes 30ml Basil pesto 30ml Olive oil 30ml Ina Paarman’s Rosemary & Olive spice Water for boiling It is very important not to peel the garlic heads, cut only the [...]

Lemon and Dill grilled Fish

By:Snappychef Ingredients: 1 x 500g Whole Yellow-tail (gutted and scaled) 1 x Lemon1 x Chilli50g fresh Dill 1 x Garlic clove 4 x 100ml Water (pre-measured and kept aside) Avocado Oil for frying Salt & Pepper to taste Finely dice the chilli, dill and garlic and spread evenly inside the fish. Slice lemon into thin [...]