E-Stolo.com is the retail and e-commerce division of Smart Worx BPO (Pty) Ltd, registration number 2011/004416/07. Our name E-Stolo.com derives from “E” for e-commerce and the Zulu translated word for “shop” or “store” which is “stolo” but more correctly written as “isitolo”. The other way our name can read is “estolo” which would be the abridged word “esitolo” which means “at the shop”.


Established more then 5 years ago to serve as a supplier of novel products to the consumer. These varied from small artifacts work of arts to big once off furniture designs. This has helped us create a multiple layered network that includes small to medium suppliers of varied items and the end-user.We have been able to source furniture for clients moving into new homes or offer services of finding equipment that a business was in need of.

Our core business is to facilitate the procurement of any client requirement, from the sourcing to delivery of said products from the supplier to the client. This process can be managed entirely through our online platform and thus facilitates the ease of transaction between parties who may not be in the same geographical location.

E-stolo,.com aims to be the most reliable online platform for South African buyers and sellers .Enjoy the top-quality  services of E-stolo.com, and explore new business opportunities.


Our aspirations for this business has always and remains to enable the small supplier access to the markets and introducing them to the users who are looking for the products they make. to make life seamless and easy for the end-user this could be a business or a consumer we have made it our business to fulfill the needs of your business.



We are respectful, honest and reliable


We are passionate in everything we do and we do only what we love


Make customer experience hassle-free and close to perfect


Save time and deliver value and convenience.