5 Ways To Cut Clutter For People Who Hate Cleaning

By Olivia Joyce

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Clutter is one of the biggest enemies of every housewife. And not only. We all suffer from it one way or another. I, for example, love living in a clean space and I even feel somewhat addicted to that state. You won’t see strained papers and random knick-knacks lying around. Open a drawer, though, and you will be buried under piles of whatnot. I literally put everything in the few drawers I have. The good thing is that all clutter is contained to those few drawers. The bad – I don’t have any extra space and nothing is organized. That’s why I decided to change my life and learn how to declutter my home. Here’s what I found works:

Remove Excess Possessions

Sounds simple, yet lots of people find it difficult to get rid of belongings. We all tend to keep stuff just in case. “Who knows, maybe one day I’ll use that ugly-as-hell set of dishes. If I have 20 guests coming over it’ll be of a pretty good use.” – that’s what we tell to ourselves and put back the mentioned set to let it gather some more dust. Instead of piling unnecessary things in your home you should try and get rid of them. There’s probably a person out there who needs and will use them more than you do. Don’t let sentiment stand in your way either, start small and work your way through the whole house. Clear everything you don’t use to make room for things that you will.

Do a Habit Revision

Cleaning is unpleasant (at least for me) and time-consuming. You clean and scrub again and again, and each time the mess comes back with full power in just a few days. This is why you need to start working on your habits even before you declutter the house. Things like quick kitchen cleaning after a meal, or sorting the desk after you’ve been using it, will help your home stay less messy and clean for longer. The overall amount of cleaning you do on a weekly basis will be dramatically reduced as well. How does this sound to you?

Everything With Its Place

Do you lose things often? It never happens to me anymore. This is because everything in my house has its own place. I know where all the medicine is because I keep it in a medical box in the living room. I know where all the remotes are because I always put them at the same spot. I never lose anything and I can even tell when my things have been touched by other people. I’m OCD like that. Joke aside, once you’ve had everything sorted and on its own place it’ll be a lot easier to track things and getting rid of excess stuff.

Keep Things Balanced

Every clutter-free-wanna-be housewife already knows this because it’s nothing new. But you are probably guilty of not doing it, just like everyone else. If this is true, it’s no wonder things keep piling up and your home is messy. Try to control the amount of stuff you have by giving (or throwing) away a thing before buying something. Having troubles with step 1? Ideally, you can swap 2 for 1 and get rid of two items before getting a new one.

Say NO to Materialism

My father loves stuff, he collects stuff. He has two TV’s, two PCs with three monitors and three telephones. He doesn’t know how to use any of his phones and he definitely doesn’t use all the other things, but at least he has them. So he pays the following price on a daily basis:

– all of his possessions clutter the house to such a point that you can hardly move around

-because of this, he can’t invite guests often as there isn’t much space for them to gather

– everything accumulates dust and cobwebs quite quickly and he needs to clean it all

– all of his things cost money to get/maintain and he pays for every item, sometimes even on a monthly basis

How is this a good thing? Believe me, you don’t need the latest technology nor multiple items of the same kind. You need one thing that does the job. And sometimes you can even go by without that thing. The little, the better, if you ask me. Fewer possessions lead to less cleaning (Hooray!), leads to less pointless effort, leads to less stress, leads to a better life.

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